Alkal-Life 7000 SL™

advanced water filtration

In addition to drinking water, I use this system for cooking and cleaning all produce. Contact me to learn how easily I have added this water system to my daily life.

Intuitive Spirit is a licensed distributor

ID# 170914-001-0012


Alkaline Water balances your body:

  • Water that removes wastes from the body. Electrolysis-reduced water removes wastes from the body. It helps to maintain balance by removing activated oxygen from the body.

  • Activated water that helps lively movement of human cells. The small-sized water clusters (molecular sized) are helpful in cellular activity.

  • Nutritional water - rich in minerals. The water supplies essential minerals including calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

  • Hexagonal water that protects intracellular substances.


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