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About Christa Peacock

vitality well-being advocate

I'd like to personally introduce myself. My name is Christa and I am the founder of Intuitive Spirit. I wanted to take a moment to say hello.


Intuitive Spirit is a natural alternative well-being resource. Empowering people with various modalities of well-being support and incorporating these modalities into a daily lifestyle.

When do people desire well-being for themselves?  What is the moment when they cross the “imaginary” line of being tired of being tired and stepping into a life of honoring body, mind, and spirit? 


My past is full of experience, some weathered better than others, but Hope was/is always a source of Truth.   I have been Graced in life.  I  don’t just want to take these gifts for granted. I want to use every opportunity to give back to people.  Turn hurts into healing, Cultivate gratitude, Listen, build a community, have a positive impact, live a happy life, and be surrounded by positive people 


I will continue to push myself to be the best version of myself and desire to help people as much as I’ve been helped. 


The first time I asked for alternative emotional support was with Essential Oils.  Since then I have added many tools to honor my body, mind, and spirit.


Essential oils can lift your mood and make you feel good with just a whiff of their fragrance. For some people, they may even help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions.


My desire is to support people in their Essential Oil Journey.  Understanding what Essential Oils are.  How to best use Essential Oils.  What products are available.  The power of Essential Oils is an amazing gift.   

Woman by the Sea


But who is Christa?

I found the question surprisingly eye-opening.
Short answer - The “who” in me is ever evolving into being. It is not just about taking time for Self... but instead about taking time for Self to process
all that is happening AND to feel into Truth.

I was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2005. Since the diagnosis, I have spent time learning and using various healing modalities. I started with using acupuncture, then Essential Oils, and the Biomat. Many classes, teachers, and modalities later, I strive to provide education and resources for all.

Ways I can assist you… together
we create an energy transition that will increase your options to raise your energy,
support health and well-being. I love watching you discover or re-discover your personal magnificence, energy, physical abilities, and vitality. I am a resource, mentor, and advocate for those who want to “take charge” and create more. I am an illustrator of what is possible and a guide for solutions. I am a joyful collaborator, wise listener, clarity seeking, discerning energy worker sharing a life full of experiences, insights, and most of all…a personal demonstration of vitality.

We will create new activities and practices that inspire your inner-youth and support
your Vitality Plan. Together we will be curious and explore options to create your
abundant well-being.

My life experience of inspiration integrates healing arts and technology to facilitate and
nurture vitality thinking,
spirituality, and physical liveliness. Vitality sessions can
include individual or combined sessions of BioMat, Essentials Oils.


Yet the question “Who am I?” has awoken within me a reminder to share who I am and
accept the gift of the Self I’ve been given.


Have you asked yourself:   Who am I?   What do I want?   What do I need?

Let's Get Started. Contact Me.
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